So you’re interested in mechanical keyboards

Alright. Welcome to the world of beautiful plastic and empty wallets.
Here you’ll find my own mechanical keyboards and what you should consider if you want to buy your own.

These are my keyboards:

Filco Majestouch 2 with 1976 Keycaps

Filco Majestouch 2 (MX brown switches) with 1976 Keycaps


Pok3r (MX brown switches) with Skull Squadron Keycap Set

So you want to have one of these motherfuckers too? Here’s what you should know:

First: The form factor


These are the full keyboards you probably know about. They have function keys, arrow keys and a numpad.

Full size keyboard - Filco Majestouch 2

Full size keyboard – Filco Majestouch 2

Tenkeyless (TKL)

For these they chopped off the numpad and made they keyboard around 25% smaller.

Tenkeyless Keyboard: Ducky Shine TKL

Tenkeyless Keyboard: Ducky Shine TKL


This is my favorite size. It has number keys, but no function keys, arrow keys or a numpad. I like it because it’s compact and it fits perfectly on top of a macbook pro.

60% Keyboard: Pok3r

60% Keyboard: Pok3r


The new “how low can you go”. This size doesn’t even have number keys anymore.

40% Keyboard: Planck

There are other form factors, for example Ergodox, Leopold FC660 or 75%, but not as widespread as those above.

Second: The Switches

Switches are what registers when you press a key. There are many different kinds with many different characteristics. It’s just a question of what suits you best. My recommendation: Buy a switch tester first to get a feel for the different kind of switches.

Bonus 1: The Keycaps

Now, this is where you’ll spend most of your money on. Most of the keycap sets are manufactured in very small batches and via a group buy. This is where some people (normally around 100-200) come together and order the production of a community-approved design.
There are different shapes of keycaps (see below). If you want to learn about it you should probably take a look into the Mechanical Keyboard Subreddit Wiki to find out more.

Keycap shapes

Here are some sites that are worth checking out when you look for keycaps:

Bonus 2: The Cables

Okay, so now you have a kickass keyboard, but still the cheapo plastic cable that came with  it. Don’t worry, Pexon has you covered. This company makes the best and most beautiful cables there are. Here are some examples:

(two of those are mine)

The cables start at 12 GBP and go up to 30-40, depending on how you configure them. You can have different colours, coils, double sleeving, etc.

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