The best wallet

I was always on the search for the perfect wallet. The most common problem of all wallets is that they don’t have enough slots for all the cards that are so widespread nowadays.

So I found myself in many a situation where I had to put two or more cards in one slot, with the inevitable outcome that the seam went loose and the wallet was broken.

Now, at this year’s Amazon Sale, I found myself a wallet that could be my solution: A wallet with enough space for SIXTEEN cards. They even fan out easily. Plus, this wallet is super compact and made of beautiful leather. Feels really high-quality.

Woodland Wallet

space for 16 cards (and for coins too)

Woodland Wallet 2

…and it doesn’t look shabby.

I don’t know if it’s BIFL (buy it for life) yet – I think it may be possible that the seam of the cardholders will come loose at some time – but I’ll test it out. I have it for about three weeks now and I’m happy.

Here’s the link to Woodland Leather Wallet

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